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William loves horses, calves, tie-down roping, and the flanking and tying way of life.  His love of tie-down roping began at about five years old because of his hero Joe Beaver winning the championship in 1994 at the Calgary Stampede.  Clearly an element comes to life in one of his acrylic paintings.

 has seen three rodeos in his life and those were in Calgary, Las Vegas and Florida.  William will one day join the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and will tie-down rope forever at the NFR and beyond, especially after 99 years of age and even also, 112 years of age, too.

William first started doing computer work approximately 1999 when he got his very own laptop from his parents. ​ His first projects involved using e-mails to keep to keep in touch with his friends and family both near and far.

Approximately around 2006, Margot Beck introduced William to Macromedia Flash so he could start making short videos. In September 2008, he started working with James Smeaton at Highland Multimedia to start learning website design, Photoshop, video editing and other multimedia skills. You can also visit to see his website work. He also had first started taking guitar lessons in September 2005 from Paul Lowe. His favorite artist is John Denver.

While the different viewers look at the different details are hallmarks of William’s acrylic paintings, passion for his different subjects adds the depth to each piece he creates.  Through some of his acrylic artwork William really hopes to share with his viewers the action, thrill, and emotion of a tie-down roping image and also
a bit of life in the west.

"Rodeo Time - True Grit Style"

Acrylic; Altitude Of Mountains On The Western Edge Of Wyoming.jpg
Will MacLeod
Acrylic; Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.jpg
Rodeo Time - True Grit Style.jpg
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