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Tessie, the Doberman.jpg

"Tessie, the Doberman"

This artwork as a painting of "Tessie, the Doberman" by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod, as this was originally an artwork that was done from a photograph that my friend Barb Vanechuck had sent me from Facebook.

I looked at the whole photograph of the dog named "Tessie" (the Doberman) and just drew only the dog from scratch by looking at the photograph but I didn't add in a whole background, I added in a different color background as if just to make it a very distinctive style and colorful background.

This one only took me two days to paint and it was painted in November 2020 and this one has a lot of great distinctive style in this image.

Rodeo tie-down roper Will MacLeod feels that he has painted and captured the essence of a Doberman dog named "Tessie".

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