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The Goldendoodles.jpg

"The Goldendoodles"

This artwork as a painting of "The Goldendoodles" by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod, as this was originally an artwork that was done from a photograph that photographer Hilary Hendsbee had given to my friend Katie Haverkort-Oicle had sent me in a text on my cell phone.

I had actually just looked at the whole photograph of the two dogs and had just drew only the dogs from scratch by looking at the photograph but I didn't add in a whole background, as I had added in a different color background as if just to make it a very distinctive style and colorful background.

This one only took me two days to paint and it was painted between around approximately November and December of 2020 and this one has a lot of great and more distinctive style in this image.

Rodeo tie-down roper Will MacLeod feels that he has painted and captured the essence of a the Goldendoodles.

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