Ryan McCarron heeling.jpg

"Ryan McCarron heeling"

This artwork as a painting of "Ryan McCarron heeling" by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod, as this was originally a pencil drawing of a cowgirl and a horse, as it was originally a pencil artwork drawn by probably one of the artist of Bert Smith from the “Cowboy Coloring Book” (the coloring book that was published by the Saalfield Publishing in probably between 1950 and 1956).

I photocopied this illustration and really had decided to say that any pictures from coloring books could always make a real great painting, which is the real way of how this should be done and also, I really like cows, calves, horses, cowboys and rodeos because while I was painting this image, I was thinking that it looks like another one I had ever done of  ranch hand practicing some heel shots, as if I had decided to call this painting "Ryan McCarron heeling", so I really decided to turn the cowboy into Ryan McCarron, for the painting and have the Thoroughbred stallion be called "Black Beauty" (as if like the horse from the book and movie "Black Beauty"), as if I think Ryan McCarron could make mostly a great ranch hand to practice doing some heel shots, as if I really do want this to show is that Ryan McCarron could one day become one of the best greatest ranch heeler ropers in the history of cowboy world.

While I was painting this image of my friend Ryan McCarron, I decided to make it a great self-portrait of what he looks like at heeling. When I was painting this picture, I could sense that I had used nice striking colors as if it just really shows that in this painting I ever did and this painting kind of really must show is what the great effort in the real highlight details of what Ryan McCarron in a blue Western shirt, the white straw cowboy hat, the beauty of the stallion named "Black Beauty", the black baldy calf and also, the striking colors of the white clouds and cloudy gray with the nice colorful grass and probably this whole painting makes you feel like you're right there inside this picture, as if Ryan McCarron probably loved to rope black baldy calves for mostly practice shots, as if this is just another distinctive style image with striking colors that is probably one of the best images of Ryan McCarron, as if it would've been perfect for the John Wayne movies as well, too.

Roper William MacLeod has also painted and captured a self-portrait of a cowboy by the name of "Ryan McCarron", a great future ranch heeler, as if either in the backgrounds for self-portraits or also in action in the rodeos or in the practice pen.