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Keylie & Rip Practice For The Rodeo.jpg

"Keylie & Rip Practice For The Rodeo"

This artwork as a painting of "Keylie & Rip Practice For The Rodeo”, by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod.

I looked at the drawing of the cowgirl and horse that originally probably by the artists and authors of maybe of Bronco Buck from originally "Rodeo Activity Book for Kids | Bull Riding | Sudoku Puzzles Coloring Mazes | For Cowboys and Cowgirls Ages 8-12" as if published by the company of Independently published on February 13th, 2021.

I decided to turn this cowgirl into Keylie Tatum and her horse "Rip" for this painting as I decided to paint this the differences all into one at mostly at every practice pens all over the USA (as Keylie only rodeos in the USA), as I like to think the she and Ripe were practicing the tie-down roping competitions in the practice pens all over the USA.

I was painting this image for three straight days between June and July of 2022 and those are the new tall black western riding boots you see in this painting as she is wearing them just for riding and in the practice pens, as you will notice that Keylie has blue jeans tucked into them, as Keylie Tatum is a very good rodeo roper, and she ropes calves, as if I wanted to show this painting of what real true ranch girl and rancher really looks like, as if that's what makes her a proud lady and cowgirl, as this painting is even featured in "What A Cowboy!" book.

Keylie Tatum is  a tie-down roper, as in this painting, you can almost tell is that he against-the-clock objective in a tie-down roping event is to get any three of the calf's feet tied together, rendering it helpless, as once again, the most famous superstition for a rodeo cowgirl that is featured in this painting of "The central main part is watch this lady on the ground as her hands will become a blur", as is to show that the piggin' string is more very important in tie-down roping as I had meant was that the number of wraps to tie up the calf’s legs are more important to a cowgirl also as the groundwork of tying the calf is far more important than being on the horse in the saddle as if to just those hands on the ground and just tie like the windmill with her hands in a flurry, as I bet from looking at this painting, Keylie will probably have to take and put two wraps and a half hitch on the calf's legs in this painting for sure.

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