"William practices for the rodeo"

This artwork as a painting of "William practices for the rodeo”, by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod.

First, the picture of the heeler in team roping on a ranch was originally drawn by artist Steve Yeates from probably a "Cowboy Ted's Rodeo Coloring Book".

Second, the picture of the calf in the roping competition at the rodeo was originally drawn by artist Steve Yeates from probably a "Cowboy Ted's Rodeo Coloring Book", as well, too.

First I decided to say that I think I'd be good at mostly just the breakaway roping, so I decided to do a portrait of myself in the half practice pen (indoors or outdoors) and also, the pastures or open (outdoors) at mostly the breakaway roping for this picture, as if to almost turn this still picture into a video, as if by seeing in my mind what probably happened before the camera shot was snapped.

I like to think that I had decided to put gloves on my hands, probably so I wouldn't burn them as if from the rope.

Third, when I was painting this self-portrait of William MacLeod (I, me) roping a calf, I decided that I did in fact lasso the Hereford calf in only one try of one swing and then after it hit the end of the rope, then the breakaway honda opened up and popped right off and came flying back!

That shows that I am practicing for the rodeos in this image, as it is half indoors and half outdoors all in one where it is half morning, day and night all in one, while I am practicing at every one all over the USA and Canada all in one image, as if to prepare for doing it in the rodeos.

When I was painting this image, I was wanting it to show that I wear only a great Wrangler western cowboy shirt with only one pocket, as if to show that it’s better to wear a shirt with one pocket instead of two, as it shows that it’s better to wear a shirt with regular buttons instead of snap-ons. I like to think that when I also painted this image, I felt good putting in the writing of adding in "Ropes like Joe Beaver" as if I like to think that this was my hero of roping and was definitely my favorite from the past to watch and rope like.  

I was painting this image very right and carefully for probably three days to get it just right between probably of June and July of 2020, as this great outstanding sized watercolor/acrylic on paper of a practice pen scene shows that the cowboy Will MacLeod (I, me, myself) is using his American Quarter Horse "Bob Dale" to help him rope a calf in the practice pen or open pastures to prepare for the rodeos for breakaway roping.

When I was painting this great image of a self-portrait of me roping from "Bob Dale", the white American Quarter horse, I was thinking that this whole painting shows that:

"The classic event breakaway roping is usually the first event in rodeo, where it takes cowboys and cowgirls against the clock to win the buckle".

William MacLeod can still also be known as "King of the Ropers" and also, a western artist, and is hopefully going to be considered by some to be the John Wayne (the Duke) of mostly breakaway roping as if with perfect authority to show that William MacLeod probably breakaway ropes as if just like Joe Beaver and also, the actor John Wayne (a. k. a. The Duke), the singer John Denver and even of course, the character Joe Green (from the novel book called "Black Beauty" by author Anna Sewell, as well, too, as if just perfect for mostly the movie actor Ian Kelsey who plays Joe Green (older) in the movie "Black Beauty", as well, too.

Breakaway roper William MacLeod captures the action and skill of a rodeo contestant. Whether he is riding a bull or whether he or she is breakaway roping, or whether she is barrel racing, professional cowboys and cowgirls can both make it look east when actually it is very difficult.

© 2020 by William MacLeod. Proudly created with Highland Multimedia.