"William MacLeod, Tie-Down Roper"

This artwork as a painting of "William MacLeod, Tie-Down Roper”, by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod.

This picture of the calf roper was originally taken from four different original artwork from originally by the artist Laura Rogers in probably the year of 1995.

First I erased the piggin' string from the roper's mouth and decided to keep it in the roper's belt, as if it's much easier and safer as I decided that when I was painting this self-portrait of William MacLeod (I, me) roping a calf, I decided that I wanted to keep a piggin' string on my belt for the right-hand side, as if to grab it of the belt, which I think is more easier and more safer.

Originally, the slack was shot high in the air, so I decided to show the real way of holding onto the slack while dismounting the horse, so I decided I would hold onto the slack to anticipate the calf to hit the end of the rope and keep the calf on its feet.

When I was painting this image, I was wanting it to show that I wear only a great Wrangler western cowboy shirt with only one pocket, as if to show that it’s better to wear a shirt with one pocket instead of two, as it shows that it’s better to wear a shirt with regular buttons instead of snap-ons.

I like to think that when I also painted this image, I felt good putting in the writing of "John Wayne of calf roping" as William MacLeod (I, me) is still indeed the great COWBOY style of the John Wayne (the Duke) of tie-down roping, because rodeos are all the perfect home of John Wayne's 84 great western movies, and other great movies of rodeo that go great with John Wayne and that's why it's always been CANADA'S MR. RODEO, MR. William MacLeod (a tie-down roper).

I really do want this to show is that anyone must keep on considering William MacLeod (I, me, myself), from Nova Scotia in Canada, could one day become one of the best greatest calf ropers in the history of rodeo world and be one of the best by way of my roping style of at holding just one coil of the rope in his left-hand, piggin' string in his belt on right-hand side, jerkline in his belt on left-hand side, sometimes maybe making one wrap and a half hitch or also making the best two good fast wraps and a half hitch, as if to just combine great size, great speed and smooth coordination to become one of rodeo's finest athletes forever and ever, as it would show that William MacLeod is one of the best people from Nova Scotia to ever be involved with rodeo and of course, his event to do forever and ever all the time, TIE-DOWN ROPING, as William is one of the best colorful cowboys all over the USA and Canada forever and ever and many other countries, as god must've given William MacLeod the real right talent to rope and tie to become tie-down calf roper Joe Beaver as I decided to put the writing of "Ropes like Joe Beaver" in there, as my favorite rodeo performer, idol and great roper is Joe Beaver.

When you see this painting I did, you will see it'll look very similar to Don Seago's painting at http://www.ropingwithwill.com/news.htm and http://www.ropingwithwill.com/images/calf-roper-don-seago.jpg, as originally the artwork of the calf roper by artist Laura Rogers in the rodeo group artwork was probably done from a photograph in the Western Horseman magazine from probably about 1990 or so, but Laura Rogers did the artwork in 1995. Originally in the Laura Rogers artwork compared to the Don Seago painting, the name of the calf roper was Mack Altizer and also, the rodeo was set in an arena at nighttime at the National High School Finals Rodeo. Mack Altizer probably was wearing a vest as if to designate the Texas High School Rodeo team that he was on.

When I also painted this image, I decided to turn Mack Altizer into William MacLeod (I, me, myself) as I was painting this image very carefully and right for about three or possibly maybe four days between July and August of 2019, I also think that this black baldy (Hereford/Angus-cross) calf is really trying to sneak out to run its fastest to avoid being roped, as if I could probably sense that when I was painting this pictures, I could tell that this calf is probably thinking in its head, “Boy, I’ve just got to get out of here away from this big horse following and chasing after me, and I hope I don't get caught”, as if this black baldy calf probably doesn’t even know what the roper William MacLeod is probably going to do to it since it probably doesn’t want William MacLeod to catch it, as if those calves just want to be free to avoid getting caught by the rope, as the calf is working hard to run its fastest, this calf probably cannot believe that it’s being chased by this big horse "Bob Dale", as this calf is really trying to sneak out of this one, as it looks like that this calf probably does not want to be tied up at all.

This great outstanding sized watercolor/acrylic on paper of a rodeo scene shows that fast as greased lightning, the calf startles out of the chute into furious dust cloud and is downed in such as 7.0 seconds flat out. William is in blue Wrangler jeans and George Strait purple Wrangler western cowboy shirt with brown leather vest lassoing a Black Baldy calf just preparing to jump the gun to get a headstart by acting ahead of time to set record time at every outdoor and indoor rodeo during the nighttime, as if maybe possibly in Texas, NFR in Las Vegas and other outdoor or indoor rodeos at nighttime or also in the practice pen, too, as if I also like to think that when I was painting this great image of a self-portrait of me roping from "Bob Dale", the horse, I was thinking that this whole painting could also make a great video clip for every rodeo DVD as when I was painting this image of me roping, right there, I am just starting to hold my slack by shooting it up in the air, as at the same time I am doing a lightning-fast dismount from the right-hand side, by lifting my right foot out of the stirrup and then swinging my left leg out of the stirrup and then flying in the air with both feet out of the stirrups and I'm making sure that I am acting ahead of time in dismounting to get this black baldy calf ready for the takedown. I like to think that I was wearing a brown leather vest in this picture because I like to think a lot of cowboys and cowgirls like to wear vests, but, I decided to wear one to designate that I was probably one of the NFR's best tie-down ropers and also, one of Texas's best tie-down ropers and many other different places best tie-down ropers as I like to think that this shows I probably made a good smokin' run in that painting I did.

Also, I decided to feature and put the songs of "Take Me Home, Country Roads", "Tequila Talkin'", "No News", "Back Home Again", "Sunshine on my Shoulders" and "Running Away With My Heart" into  the beautiful artwork of calf roping, because my favorite country singers are John Denver and the lead singer Richie McDonald from the band Lonestar, because I decided to put them in the painting, as if to show that John Denver and the band Lonestar were my favorite singers ever.

It also has the famous writing written out of "I never met a calf roper I didn't like", because I decided to put it in the painting, as if I decided to say that about my favorite hero, Joe Beaver, because I thought it would sum it up good for my beautiful painting of why tie-down roping is such a great good fun event to compete in, watch and enjoy and do.

William MacLeod can still also be known as "King of the Ropers" and also, a western artist, and is hopefully going to be considered by some to be the John Wayne (the Duke) of calf roping and also, the Frederic Remington of tie-down roping as if with perfect authority to show that William MacLeod probably ropes and ties up calves just like his favorite calf roper of Joe Beaver, the singer John Denver, the lead singer Richie McDonald from the band Lonestar, the movie actor John Wayne (the Duke), the character Joe Green (from the novel book called "Black Beauty" by author Anna Sewell, too), the movie actor Andrew Knott who plays Joe Green in the movie "Black Beauty" and even of course, the movie actor Ian Kelsey who plays Joe Green (older) in the movie "Black Beauty", as well, too!!! :) :) :).

Roper William MacLeod has really again captured the essence of a cowboy by showing a self-portrait of himself tie-down roping in the rodeos or in the practice pen.

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