Clary Chisholm and the Mule.jpg

"Clary Chisholm and the Mule"

This artwork as a painting of "Clary Chisholm and the Mule" by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod, as this was originally a pencil sketch drawing of a cowboy and a mule, as it was originally drawn by probably one of the artist of probably C E D from the “Wild West Coloring Book” (the coloring book that was published by the Gabriel Sons & Co.. in probably between 1950s or possibly 1960s).

I photocopied this illustration and really had decided to say that any pictures from coloring books could always make a real great painting, which is the real way of when I was painting this image, I was thinking that it looks like another one I had ever done of and old-time cowhand with a mule, as if I had decided to call this painting "Clary Chisholm and the Mule", so I really decided to turn the cowboy into my good friend named Clary Chisholm, for the painting, as if to show that this could look like an old-time hand from the Wild West.

While I was painting this image of my friend Clary Chisholm, I decided to make it a great self-portrait of what a cowboy and a pack mule, equipment and colorful sky and I took two days in July of 2020 to paint it, as if this is just another distinctive style image with striking colors that is probably one of the best images of Clary Chisholm, as if it would've been perfect for Sam Elliott (the movie actor) and also, even some of the John Wayne movies as well, too.

Roper William MacLeod has also painted and captured a self-portrait of a cowboy by the name of "Clary Chisholm", an old-time cowboy with a mule, as if to show what the animals and nature must really look like.