National Keylie and Rip.jpg

"National Keylie and Rip"

This artwork as a painting of "National Keylie and Rip”, by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod, as this was originally an artwork that was done from a photograph that my friend Keylie Tatum had sent me and messaged me from Facebook.

I looked at the 2021 photograph of the cowgirl named Keylie Tatum and by looking at the photograph but I didn't add in a whole background, as first I had printed the two pasted illustrations from photoshop from a photograph onto an illustration of the Charles Portis book cover of "True Grit" and then on a blank piece of paper, I decided to paint this image of the cowgirl Keylie Tatum out of the original photograph and into a different background setting with the horse from the book cover of "True Grit", as when I was painting this image, she originally didn't have a piggin' string around her sweater, so I decided to change it into a jacket and also put the piggin' string around her jacket.

Those are the new tall black western riding boots you see in this painting looking similar to the photograph that I had gave to my friend Keylie Tatum (who lives in New Mexico), as I had mailed them to her and you will notice that Keylie has blue jeans tucked into them, as Keylie Tatum is a very good rodeo roper, and she ropes calves, as if I wanted to show this painting of what real true ranch girl and rancher really looks like.

I was painting this picture for three days in November of 2021.

Keylie Tatum is  a tie-down roper, as in this painting I really just like to think that Keylie is posing by her trained roping horse "Rip" and is preparing to practice tie-down roping in the open and practice pens as if for the rodeos, which is what is about to happen in this painting for sure, as if that's what would make those two partners special of why this painting is called "National Keylie and Rip".

You'll also notice in this painting is that Keylie is wearing the tall black western riding boots as if for practice in the practice pen and just for everyday riding, as if that's what makes her a proud lady and cowgirl.