The Queen.jpg

"The Queen"

This artwork as a painting of "The Queen”, by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod.

First, the picture of the Queen making the Grand Entry was originally drawn by artist Steve Yeates from a "Cowboy Ted's Rodeo Coloring Book".

I scanned and photocopied the illustration from the coloring book and I decided to paint this portrait of the cowgirl named Kelsey Cox and her black horse "Blackbird".


I was thinking that when painting this image is that the Queen makes the Grand Entry for the tie-down roping world championship.


When I was painting this portrait of Kelsey Cox and the horse named "Blackbird", I was painting this image very correct and slow for approximately and probably three days in March of 2021 as you can tell right there in this image is that a Tie-Down Roping Arena Opens with a Colorful Parade in which All the Tie-Down Roping Contestants Appears in Full Western Dress.