"Willie R. MacLeod"

This artwork as a painting of "Willie R. MacLeod”, as this was originally a painting of John Wayne as this painting was done by the artist Everett Raymond Kinstler at http://imagedb.nationalcowboymuseum.org/InmagicApps/InmagicImage/CreateImage.aspx?size=500&image=images/1978.016.0001.jpg and https://i.pinimg.com/originals/0f/ce/d1/0fced17797ce6a66c21efb4fe85d4d1a.jpg, as originally, John Wayne originally posed for the artist and painter Everett Raymond Kinstler back in California in 1977, as it was probably originally painted in 1978, as the painting of John Wayne was originally from the magazine front cover of “The Saturday Evening Post" (the magazine from August 1979). 

When I was painting this image turning John Wayne into me (myself), I like to think that John Wayne was actually posing for me when I was painting him, which I think was so great of why he lives in me and I really felt like John Wayne was right there with me, as if the Duke were alive, he would've been proud of me roping calves in the rodeos.

I was thinking that William MacLeod (I, myself, me) probably ropes and ties just like Joe Beaver and also, the actor John Wayne (a. k. a. The Duke), and is really just trying to chase and rope and tie just like the greatest calf ropers with probably my favorite rodeo cowboy hero by the name of calf roper Joe Beaver, the singer John Denver, the movie actor John Wayne (the Duke), the character Joe Green (from the novel book called "Black Beauty" by author Anna Sewell, too), the movie actor Andrew Knott who plays Joe Green in the movie "Black Beauty" and even of course, the movie actor Ian Kelsey who plays Joe Green (older) in the movie "Black Beauty", as well, too, as I could really visualize and really sense that several photographers, people who videotape with cameras, and also, do great artwork of rodeos, as if over many years of photographing, and also, sometimes videotaping and also, a real professional rodeo cowgirl in the real era that never ends forever.

I painted this image for probably either three or four days because of the great effort in the real highlight details of a self-portrait of William in a blue George Strait Wrangler western cowboy shirt with a shiny brown leather vest and stonewash-blue Wrangler jeans, because this really just looks like another one of my best absolutely realistic images that I ever did as if this is a portrait of me, as if to show that John Wayne (the Duke) was my favorite cowboy actor in the movies and that when I was painting this image, I was thinking of him in my top best favorite movie of mostly "Lawless Range" because it's definitely my top all-time best favorite John Wayne movie of all the time out of the 83 western movies that he had made.

You may think that from looking at this painting of how and after spitting a wad of chew onto an offender, William MacLeod would point out that men and women should only wear jeans in the following color: blue. That real color should come from dust, mud, grass, blood, and water, as that's what's great about forever in blue jeans.

Also, I decided to feature and put the songs of "Take Me Home, Country Roads", "Sunshine on my Shoulders" and "Back Home Again" into the beautiful artwork of a self-portrait of myself, because my favorite singer is mostly John Denver, because I decided to put them in the painting, as if to show that John Denver was my favorite singer ever as if it were perfect for John Wayne movies.  

Not only does rodeo calf roper William MacLeod still like to keep on capturing self-portraits of himself calf roping in the rodeos or in the practice pen, but has also painted great self-portraits of William MacLeod (himself), as well, too, as that's what's great about portrait of cowboy William MacLeod turning himself into John Wayne and likes to be called Will Wayne, Jr. sometimes.

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