"He has seen better days"

This artwork as a painting of "He has seen better days" by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod, as this was originally a pencil sketch drawing and then a color illustration of Farmer Thoroughgood and his grandson, Willie, as it was originally drawn by probably one of the artists of June Brigman and Roy Richardson from the “Black Beauty: The Graphic Novel” (the graphic book that was published by the Puffin books in probably of May 19, 2005 and “Black Beauty: The Graphic Novel and Original Text” (the graphic book and original text that was published by the Puffin books in probably also of August 28th, 2018.

I had scanned and photocopied this illustration and really had decided to say that any picture from a coloring book or a Black Beauty book could always make a real great painting, which is the real way of when I was painting this image, I was thinking that it looks like another one I had ever done of a farmer and his grandson.

In this painting, it shows that at a horse sale, Black Beauty had noticed a man who looked like a gentleman farmer, with a young boy by his side; he had a broad back and round shoulders, a kind, ruddy face, and he wore a broad-brimmed hat. When he came up to the horse at first and the horse's companions the black horse stood still and gave a pitiful look round upon us. The horse saw someone's eye rest on him; the horse had still a good mane and tail, which did something for his appearance. The pricked the ears and looked at the boy.

Right there in the painting, Farmer Thoroughgood is saying, "There's a horse, Willie, that has known better days."

While I was painting this image I took two days in September of 2020 to paint it, as if this is just another distinctive style image with striking color background that is probably one of the best images of Black Beauty, as if it would've been perfect for in the spirit of the illustrator W. S. Rogers for a 1920's edition, as if to be the best annotated edition ever.

William MacLeod has also painted and done an illustration as if it were for the book of Black Beauty as if it were perfect for the 1994 film version and movie of "Black Beauty".

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