World Champion Tie-Down Roper William MacLeod.jpg

"World Champion Tie-Down Roper William MacLeod"

This artwork as a painting of "World Champion Tie-Down Roper William MacLeod”, by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod.

First, I looked at a photograph of originally the James Fain photograph of tie-down roper Joe Beaver during second go-round at National Finals, Las Vegas, 1986, that was originally from a "Rope to Win: The History of Steer, Calf, And, Team Roping" that was originally published by Eakin Publications on January 15th, 2007 and I decided not to feature the whole NFR background in this painting as if I felt like I wanted to paint this the differences all into one at every rodeo arenas, open ropings, pastures and practice pens, as I was painting this image for three straight days in October of 2021 and decided to turn this Joe Beaver cowboy into William MacLeod as you can tell right there in this image is that I was thinking that William MacLeod probably ropes calves as if just like his hero Joe Beaver and also, the actor John Wayne (a. k. a. The Duke) and even also, of course, the singer John Denver), as well, too, as if to be a true world champion.

I like to think that right there in the image of the painting, I like to think I was on my white horse named "Bob Dale" in the chutes and had gave the nod as if I like to think that when my horse and I gave the Hereford calf the correct head start at every different rodeo arena and practice pens, I probably took at least one swing or two turns of two swings before I threw the loop very perfectly for a clean catch around the calf's head. Then I like to think that right there, I am dismounting from my horse fast from the right-hand side to anticipate for the calf to hit the end of the rope, and then I like to think that then I probably made only one wrap and a hooey around all three legs. Then, I like to think I threw my hands high in the air after I tied up the Hereford calf, as if I had probably done a good tie and a good time, as if in both the arena and practice pen as if I like to think that this painting shows that if you're a tie-down roper or aspire to be one, then this painting is definitely for anyone with a dream and a purpose.