Roping Colors.jpg

"Roping Colors"

This artwork as a painting of "Roping Colors”, by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod.

First, the picture of the calf roping image was originally drawn by artist Steve Yeates from a "Cowboy Ted's Rodeo Coloring Book".

I scanned and photocopied the illustration from the coloring book and I decided to paint this portrait of turning this cowboy into me (William MacLeod, myself), as I was thinking that I would be a true great rodeo COWBOY at even some work of winning first prize in a rodeo in the tie-down roping event as when I was painting this image is that I was thinking that when painting this image is that the classic competition Calf Roping pits and takes a cowboy against the clock to win the buckle.


When I was painting this portrait of me and my horse named "Bob Dale", I was painting this image for long hours for approximately either three or maybe four days in April of 2021 as you can tell right there in this image is that a cowboy and his specially trained mount stop a roped calf, and that the rider will dismount and tie together any three of the calf's legs.

I was thinking that William MacLeod (I, myself, me) probably ropes as if just like Joe Beaver and also, the actor John Wayne (a. k. a. The Duke) and even also, of course, the singer John Denver, as well, too, as when I was painting this portrait of myself and the horse named "Bob Dale", as because of the great effort in the real highlight details of a self-portrait of William in a purple George Strait Wrangler western cowboy shirt with a pair of stonewash-blue Wrangler jeans and shiny black cowboy boots, because this really just looks like another one of my best absolutely realistic images that I ever did as if this is a portrait of me.

When I was painting this image, it is half indoors and outdoors, then half morning, half daytime, half cloudy gray sky, half sundown sky, half night sky, half dust, part rain in the sky some, half grass by showing that I'm doing the tie-down roping at about different rodeos like the Calgary Stampede, the National Finals Rodeo, Cheyenne Frontier Days, Pendleton Round-Up and many others, open ropings, some practice pens and even open pastures as if to show that you can do it anytime whether it's a sunny day or a cold winter's night as if in both Canada and the USA mostly, as this shows that when I was painting this image, I was mostly thinking I like to think that I had gave the nod and got ready to have chased after the black baldy calf as if by taking approximately one try of one swing as if to make probably a beautiful throw around the calf's head as if it was cleanly caught, then right there, I like to think that I got ready to dismount my horse and held my slack just right as if to spin the calf around and not knock it down as if I was trying to be the winner as if to win more than the 98 world championships, then I like to think that when I was runing to the Black Baldy calf, I flanked the calf and probably was making two good fast wraps and then a half hitch and then threw my hands up high in the air, man, oh man, what action!