"Steer Roper Way"

This artwork as a painting of "Steer Roper Way”, by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod.

First, the picture of the steer roper was originally probably done by some artist from a "World Championship Rodeo" book in the year of 1957 by the Whitman Publishing company.


Second, the picture of the cowboy and the separate picture of the belt buckle was originally done by artist and author O'Neil Nouwens Bowman from a "Rodeoin': The truest form of tradition in the West." book in the year of between April 26th, 2018 and July 1st, 2018 by the Flying Rafter B publishing company.

First I decided to say that I think I'd also be good at steer roping along with tie-down roping, so I decided to do a portrait of myself at steer roping, as if to be an all-around hand, as well, too, so I first scanned the roper tripping the steer. Second, I pasted the other cowboy with the belt buckle into the same picture, because I wanted to show what one of rodeo's original events looked like, before calf roping came and that I decided to show that this painting could show true championship style. 

Second, I decided to put gloves on my hands, probably so I wouldn't burn them as if from the rope. Third, I decided to keep and put the steer string it in the roper's belt, as if it's much easier and safer as I decided that when I was painting this self-portrait of William MacLeod (I, me) roping a steer, I decided that I wanted to keep a piggin' string on my belt for the right-hand side, as if to grab it of the belt, which I think is more easier and more safer.

When I was painting this image, I was wanting it to show that I wear only a great Wrangler western cowboy shirt with only one pocket, as if to show that it’s better to wear a shirt with one pocket instead of two, as it shows that it’s better to wear a shirt with regular buttons instead of snap-ons.

I like to think that when I also painted this image, I felt good putting in the writing of "Steer Roping" as William MacLeod (I, me) is still indeed the great COWBOY style of the John Wayne (the Duke) of tie-down roping, because rodeos are all the perfect home of John Wayne's 84 great western movies, and other great movies of rodeo that go great with John Wayne and that's why it's always been CANADA'S MR. RODEO, MR. William MacLeod (a tie-down roper), as if when I was painting this picture, it made me think of John Wayne (the Duke) in the 1933 movie of "Somewhere in Sonora", as if to show that steer roping is similar to Tie-Down Roping, but is even more difficult because of the size and strength of the animal to be roped and thrown, as it is also more difficult to stage because of the size of the arena necessary, which is why this traditional cowboy contest is not seen only at a few major rodeos.

I really do want this to show is that anyone must keep on considering William MacLeod (I, me, myself), from Nova Scotia in Canada, could one day become one of the best greatest tie-down ropers in the history of rodeo world and when I also painted this image, I decided to turn both cowboys into William MacLeod (I, me, myself) as I was painting this image very carefully and right for about two days between Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 and Friday, November 22nd, 2019, as this great outstanding sized watercolor/acrylic on paper of a rodeo scene shows that one roper, one horse and one painted steer-all ready to run, as right there with the reins of the horse, I just turned left and tripped the steer down over the rope, and then I like to think that I get a championship belt buckle, for a smoother run the horse and I could not make, because, as they say, it's the steer roper way! William is in blue Wrangler jeans and George Strait white Wrangler western cowboy shirt lassoing a Corriente steer just preparing to dismount, as if I also like to think that when I was painting this great image of a self-portrait of me roping from "Black Beauty", the horse, I was thinking that this whole painting could also make a great video clip for every good rodeo DVD as when I was painting this image of me roping, right there, I am just tripping the steer and collecting a championship belt buckle as I like to think that this shows I probably made a good smokin' run in that painting I did.

William MacLeod can still also be known as "King of the Ropers" and also, a western artist, and is hopefully going to be considered by some to be the John Wayne (the Duke) of calf roping and also, the Frederic Remington of tie-down roping as if with perfect authority to show that William MacLeod probably ropes and ties up calves just like his favorite calf roper of Joe Beaver, his favorite steer roper of Everett Shaw, the singer John Denver, the lead singer Richie McDonald from the band Lonestar, the movie actor John Wayne (the Duke), the character Joe Green (from the novel book called "Black Beauty" by author Anna Sewell, too), the movie actor Andrew Knott who plays Joe Green in the movie "Black Beauty" and even of course, the movie actor Ian Kelsey who plays Joe Green (older) in the movie "Black Beauty", as well, too!!! :) :) :).

Roper William MacLeod has really again also captured the essence of a cowboy by showing a self-portrait of himself steer roping in the rodeos or in the practice pen.

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