William Practicing For The Rodeo.jpg

"William Practicing For The Rodeo"

This artwork as a painting of "William Practicing For The Rodeo”, by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod.

First, I looked at an illustration of originally a cowboy with a lasso that was originally illustrated by artists that was probably from the "Cowboys: Roping and Riding" (that was probably originally published in the 1930s as if in 1938) as if published by Saalfield or a certain publishing company.

Originally in the illustration, the cowboy was originally using a lasso, but, I decided to erase the lasso and make the cowboy use the piggin' string. I like to think that I turned this cowboy into me (William MacLeod) as I want people to see that I put the piggin' string onto my hand.

Right there in this illustration, I wanted to paint this the differences all into one at mostly every open pastures and practice pens, as if to prepare to practice tie-down roping competitions as if to get ready and prepared for the PRCA rodeos and open ropings.

I was definitely painting this image for three straight days in May of 2022 and decided to turn this cowboy into William MacLeod as you can tell right there in this image is that I was thinking that William MacLeod probably ropes calves as if just like his hero Joe Beaver and also, the actor John Wayne (a. k. a. The Duke), the actor Ian Kelsey Joe Green (Older) from the 1994 film version and movie of "Black Beauty" and even also, of course, the singer John Denver), as well, too, as if to just be the true good heroes for me to become and be just like.

The most famous superstition for me that is featured in this painting of "The central main part is watch this man of the ground as his hands will become a blur", as is to show that the piggin' string is more very important in tie-down roping as I had meant was that the number of wraps to tie up the calf’s legs are more important to me as I want to be the best future tie-down roper forever, as the groundwork of tying the calf is far more important than being on the horse in the saddle as if to just those hands on the ground and just tie like the windmill with my hands in a flurry.

When I was painting this image, I like to think that you may think that from looking at this painting of how and after spitting a wad of chew onto an offender, William MacLeod would point out that men and women should only wear jeans in the following color: blue. That real color should come from dust, mud, grass, blood, and water, as that's what's great about forever in blue jeans and that's why I decided to put "Forever in blue jeans" down in the painting, as if to show that you should all know is that blue jeans all the way for pants as the real true done deal as I like to think that I'm practicing with the piggin' string to pose and show off my tying skills before I can do it in the rodeo arenas and that's the best image of a cowboy in me that I had ever painted.

If you really liked William MacLeod as if he is a real true Western rider and one the best in the arena at rodeo tie-down roping who'll rope and make the NFTDR in Vegas forever, ever and ever to beat out the young people and that's what makes flanking and tying with William a true great cowboy, as if I don't plan on travelling too far, as I just want to go there and rope 10 rounds at the PRCA’s NFR every year, because my favorite rodeo is the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada and that's the rodeo I would like to calf rope at forever, ever and ever and make more qualifications there to the NFR because it only happens once a year as I would like to calf rope at forever, ever and ever and I would love to rope there as an old man in that arena as if to be a true superstar like Joe Beaver.