"Keylie Tatum and her rope"

This artwork as a painting of "Keylie Tatum and her rope" by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod, as this was originally an illustration of a cowgirl hodling the lasso in her left-hand and also, a cowgirl's dream to be a rodeo star to love horses, as it was originally an artwork illustration by the artist of Lisa M. Gardiner from the “Big Dreams (Lisa M Gardiner: First Words)” (the board book that was published by the Flowerpot Press in probably between 2011 and also, probably September 1, 2013).

I photocopied this illustration and I decided to flip the image backward for a right-handed roper as if to turn this cowgirl into my friend Keylie Tatum, as if she is a great tie-down and breakaway roper in the rodeos, which is the real way of how this should be done as while I was painting this image, I was thinking that it looks like another one I had ever done of a cowgirl, as if I had decided to call this painting "Keylie Tatum and her rope.

I really decided to turn the cowgirl into Keylie Tatum, for the painting, as I really do want this to show is that her favorite book to read and movie was probably "Black Beauty" for sure, as if a cowgirl also loved John Wayne movies, as well, too.

Originally in the book, I decided to make it a great self-portrait of what a real rodeo cowgirl looks like. When I was painting this picture, it kind of reminds me of how this painting would show to be what a cowgirl, as if just to show why she is quite a lovely lady and a lovely woman as if I like to think that Keylie's big dream was to be a rodeo star and definitely loves horses and when I was painting this image, I was thinking of how rodeo's three real main events are calf roping for cowboys and cowgirls, steer wrestling for cowboys and bull riding for cowboys, because those are the only three events you would see at rodeos.

Then right there, it just really shows that in this painting I ever did of Keylie Tatum and this painting kind of really must show is what the great effort in the real highlight details of what Keylie Tatum in a blue and light blue Western short-sleeved shirt with a brown leather vest and roping gloves, the black felt cowgirl hat, a blue and light-blue striped skirt with shiny black leathe cowgirl boots and also, the colorful red, white and blue background with a tan fram as if just this whole painting makes you feel like you're right there inside this picture, as this is just another distinctive style image that s probably one of the best images of Keylie Tatum, as if it would've been perfect for the John Wayne movies as well, too.

Roper William MacLeod has also painted and captured a self-portrait of a rodeo cowgirl of a tie-down and breakaway roper by the name of "Keylie Tatum".

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