Music by Kelvin MacKay.jpg

"Music by Kelvin MacKay"

This artwork as a painting of "Music by Kelvin MacKay”, by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod.

First, I looked at a illustration of the picture from the coloring book of the cowboy playing the guitar that was originally drawn and illustrated by one of the different artists from a "Over the Shoulder coloring book" (the coloring book of cowboys and Indians that was published by Whitman Publishing Company in the year of 1950).

First I had printed the illustration from the coloring book and I decided to paint this image of turning this cowboy into my uncle Kelvin MacKay and and also put strings on the guitar and a capo on the top of the guitar (just encase he would use it to change different chords and sounds), as when I was painting this portrait of turning this cowboy into Kelvin MacKay, I was definitely thinking he was making great music on the guitar so that is why I wanted to call this painting "Music by Kelvin MacKay", as the music by is accompanied by a man playing a guitar. I had also painted this image for two days in approximately in July of 2021 as well, too.

When I was painting this image, I like to think that this painting will be featured in a chapter of my future book called "All About: Cowboys" as it'll be in a chapter of "Should Cowboys Actually Work in Other Places?" and the writing with that painting will say that "Sometimes cowboys have worked far out on the ranch. They can sleep outside, cook on a campfire and also play music around a campfire".