Western Riding's Hollywood Heroes.jpg

"Western Riding's Hollywood Heroes"

This artwork as a painting of "Western Riding's Hollywood Heroes”, by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod.

First, there were two separate pictures of a cowboy on a horse of an announcer thanking them for coming to the rodeo and happy trails and also a cowboy headshot illustration of Cowboy Ted were both originally drawn by the artist Steve Yeates from a "Cowboy Ted's Rodeo Coloring Book".

I scanned and photocopied the illustrations from the coloring book, one from the front cover and another from the inside and I decided to paint those two portraits in one of the cowboy named Ted Hallisey and his beautiful Palomino American Quarter horse named "Golden Ramrod".


I was thinking that when painting both those images would've been perfect for the cover of a calf roping competition picture book in paperback of three pages mostly as this image is also showing is that thanks for coming to the Tie-Down Roping world championship and competition..Happy Trails!


When I was painting those two different portraits of Cowboy Ted Hallisey all in one and the horse named "Golden Ramrod", I was painting this image very right and correctly for approximately and probably maybe four days in May of 2021 as you can tell right there in this image is that those are good Hollywood Heroes of Western Riding and are both the central feature of a roping show.