Paying True Grit's Grocery Bill.jpg

"Paying True Grit's Grocery Bill"

This artwork as a painting of "Paying True Grit's Grocery Bill”, by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod.

First, the picture of the ribbon roping competition image was originally drawn by probably one of the artists from a "Classic Rope Company Coloring Corral Coloring Book" (the coloring book that was the Corral styled themed coloring book from Classic Rope Company).

First I had scanned and then photocopied the drawing from the coloring book and I decided to paint this portrait of turning this cowboy into William MacLeod and also turning this cowgirl into my friend Kaitlin Knox, as when I was painting this portrait of me and my friend, I was painting this image for probably three long days in probably June of 2021 as you can tell right there in this image is that I was thinking that William MacLeod probably ropes calves as if just like his hero Joe Beaver and even another roper as if by the name of Jake and also, the actor John Wayne (a. k. a. The Duke) and even also, of course, the singer John Denver, as well, too, and also, when I was painting this image, I like to think that this picture had put me in mind of the 1972 movie "The Cowboys" where John Wayne was the character Wil Anderson as that's what it would be like for me (William MacLeod) to be the John Wayne of Tie-Down Roping as the king of the ropers forever and ever to live and be alive forever on this earth and planet, as if just to show that William MacLeod is John Wayne (True Grit) cowboy of roping calves.

Kaitlin Knox would also be like the cowgirl Marley to help with the partner as well, too.

I like to think that right there in the image of the painting, I like to think I was on my white horse named "Bob Dale" in the chutes and had said,"Alright turn him lose" and gave the nod as if I like to think that when my horse and I gave the black baldy calf the correct head start at every different rodeo arena and practice pens, I also said, "Yah!" as I like to think that I had gave chase to the black baldy calf and probably took at least two turns of two swings before I threw the loop very perfectly for a clean catch around the calf's head. Then I like to think that I made a quick flip to shoot my slack to loop the calf and then signaled Bob Dale to put the brakes on to stop. Then, I like to think I got ready to dismount my horse fast, and then I like to think that right there in the picture that my partner and friend Kaitlin Knox came and ran to the black baldy calf and got ready to grab the red ribbon off the calf's tail and then got the calf flanked. Then I like to think that Kaitlin ran with the ribbon and then gave it to the judge person. Then, I like to think that I had removed the loop from the calf and let it go as I had said to myself, "I've been doing this roping for a long time and forever, never could get used to it". Then I like to think I was proud that Kaitlin had payed my grocery bill and ended up winning it as if in both the arena and practice pen.

When I was also painting this image, it shows right there that William MacLeod ropes, rides and shows some youngsters and old people how it's done at every rodeo arena and practice pen. While a rodeo rider in real life, William did also play acoustic guitars, sing and also paint as if to be a true triple-threat ultimate cowboy.

I decided to put Calgary Stampede on the white fence post, just to show that I would be practicing all my calf roping and tie-down roping skills just to try and rope there as well, too.

Right there this painting also really shows that calf roping has been traditionally used to round up calves for branding.