Rodeo Rheanna and Dollor.jpg

"Rodeo Rheanna and Dollor"

This artwork as a painting of "Rodeo Rheanna and Dollor”, by the rodeo King of the Ropers and western artist William MacLeod.

First, I looked at the illustration of Rodeo Rosie feeding the horse a carrot from the book "I Want to be a Cowboy (Sesame Street I Want to Be Book)" (that was originally done by the artist Joe Ewers as if that was published by Golden Books originally on March 1st, 1992 in a paperback edition).

I looked at the illustration but I didn't add in the same color background, but I added in a background with a heart in the center as if to show that this one took me three days to paint and complete in February of 2022 and I decided to turn this cowgirl as a heart of a champion into Rodeo Rheanna Chisholm (who is the daughter of Marilyn Chisholm).

When I was painting this image, I put the sayings for Rodeo Rheanna of "Don't look at the horse that she rides, don't look at the way she swings her rope, but watch this lady on the ground, as if her hands will become and be just like a blur", as I think Rodeo Rheanna could probably ropes calves as if just like her hero Montana "Gracie Gambino", the Rebekah Wayne from the painting of "True Grit" and even also, of course, the singer Anne Murray and even of course, the movie actor Cameron Diaz as the character PJ Puznowski from the movie "Gambit", as well, too, as if to be the true good heroes of a cowgirl lady of the rodeo world as if she likes John Wayne, Joe Beaver and also John Denver's music as well, too.

When I was also painting this image, I like to think that Rodeo Reanna gives her gelding horse "Dollor" raw carrots to eat.

You'll also notice in this painting is that sometimes this lady ought to be called the heart of a champion as "National Rodeo Rheanna", as if to be the best tie-down roper to compete against the men, ever.